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There are walks of shame and then there are epic shame Odysseys like the one Elizabeth banks goes on in her upcoming movie.

In the new red band trailer for Banks’ comedy “Walk of Shame,” the 4o-year-old actress plays TV reporter Meghan Miles, who finds herself stranded without a car or purse at the house of one-night hookup Gordon, played by James Marsden.

Things get steamy with Gordon when the usually mild-mannered Meghan gets rejected for a promotion. But of course, just as Meghan is at her most disheveled, she gets a message that she can have another shot at the position.

Meghan must find her way back to the studio in order to have a shot at her dream job. And what’s stopping her? Oh, only some clueless cops, some thugs and various hapless L.A. citizens who mistake Banks for a prostitute.


Posted by Claudia on April 16th, 2014