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When the latest round of posters for Mockingjay Part 1, the next entry in the Hunger Games series, arrived on the internet, fans were surprised at the presence of Elizabeth Banks‘ character Effie Trinket. Lovers of the books, knowing that Effie is absent for most of Mockingjay, appearing only briefly at the end, wondered why exactly this was.

Well, it turns out that thanks to the sheer popularity of Elizabeth Banks herself, Effie’s presence in the movies has been beefed up significantly. Vulture report that, in an interview with a Hunger Games fan site, director Francis Lawrence spoke about Banks’ expanded role in the upcoming films.

“When [author] Suzanne Collins saw Catching Fire, she called and one of the first things she said was, ‘There’s no way Effie Trinket cannot be in the Mockingjay films.’ Effie brings such warmth and fun and levity to these dark stories. She’s the fish out of water in this one and fans will love how she has adapted to the world of District 13.”

So there you have it. Elizabeth Banks gave a nuanced performance as Effie Trinket in the first twoHunger Games films, and you’re never quite certain what the character is thinking or feeling beneath her airhead exterior. It will definitely be fun seeing her downscale to life in a concrete bunker in District 13.


Posted by Claudia on August 11th, 2014