About Elizabeth Banks

My name is Elizabeth Banks, but most people may know me as Lizzie Jizzie. I am an avid cryptocurrency trader that used to work in financial services. Only recently did I come to the realization that cryptocurrencies were the future of money and would change the world that the internet did.

Back in 2014 when I was reeling from my finance job, I was in search of something to do. Nothing really came to mind. I was constantly in second minds as to what the best next steps would be to finding something that I was both passionate about and that would give me immense returns.

Then, I came across the promise of Bitcoin. This was the digital currency that many an economist were saying was “dead” and nothing more than a play thing of cypher phunks. I could have listened to them. I could have kept investing in assets that were returning a maximum of 5% a year. However, I was certain that this technology sure did have the ability to change the way we lived.

Since then, the Elizabeth Banks foundation has been focusing on some of the most promising cryptocurrencies and we have been actively investing in them. We have taken a fundamental approach to our investing and are focusing on those coins that have the most interesting technology in the long run.

We have now expanded into a large operation with several important clients and partners. We promote a number of different cryptocurrencies and assets. We have a large readership and I am actively involved in the community and have interviewed a great number of people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies.

The digital revolution has only just started. We are in the opening stages of some really important technology that is bound to disrupt the global banking system. Join me as we embark on our journey. You can reach me, Elizabeth on contact@elizabeth-banks.org.