Blonde Hairstyles for Long Hair

Blonde is definitely one of the most interesting hair colors you can do to your hair. As a hair color that has high attractiveness and powerful effect, blonde can be the best option in case you want to look good and also attractive. However, it will be less powerful if you do not apply the right hairstyle for your blonde hair. According to professional hairstylists and experts, blonde hair can be worn both short and long but it will be much better if you have long hair so the effect you want to draw will be bigger. In order to help you find the best hairstyle, today we have chosen several ideas of blonde hairstyles for long hair you can surely do to your hair. Check this out!

Fall Down

If you have beautiful long blonde hair one hairstyle you need to do is the fall down hairstyle. This is the simplest and easiest way to style your hair. If you have not got the idea of what this long blonde hairstyle looks like, you can take a look at several celebrities that have been very proud in wearing this hairstyle for years.

Blonde Hair Cuts

You can take a look at the hairstyle of Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, and also the oldies actress Veronica Lake. These female celebrities seemed to love their long blonde hair very much and decided that the best way to show their hair’s beauty is by letting it fall down naturally. Typically, they will only make a loose wave in the front area of their hair and let the rest stay loose but straight. You can use a straightening iron to help you get the straight effect so it will look neater and you can make your blonde hair to look shinier. This is definitely one of the best blonde hairstyles for long hair you need to include into your consideration.

Playful Bun

Appear casual yet cute and feminine is another effect some women want to get from their long blonde hair. If you want this type of hairstyle then you can try on the famous playful bun or chignon. This type of hairstyle is able to give you classy look that also looks casual and playful, makes you look elegant yet also cool at once.

According to Cosmopolitan, the best way to make this hairstyle is to get a loose and big bun just above your neck’s nape. You can also add some strands of hair to make side-swept bangs to give you cuter effect. On the other hand, if you want to look mature and elegant then it will be better if you present the hairstyle neater and tidier with less hair accessory.


Another idea of blonde hairstyles for long hair that will be perfect for you is the popular yet simple updo. If you have applied lowlights on your blonde hair then there will be no other hairstyles that can perfectly show off the beauty of your hair but this updo hairstyle. By making your hair in updo hairstyle you will be able to show the lowlighted hair and make it more visible to other people.

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