H2o Spa Products

H2o is a healthy product is made by natural ingredient which is good for you. If you are looking for the product to your hair and skin, H2o will provide that you want. There are much product are made from natural ingredients and very effective to solve your problem.

H2o is available variety product such as hair, skin care, bath and body, and many others. Here are the products by H2o. Check below this

Hair product

Hair product also comes in variety product to keep your hair healthy and easy to maintain. Hair product hairs are divided into a shop by category. From all of these categories, h2o provide variety product to your hair.

Shop by category provides product for shampoo, conditioner and hair accessories.

  1. Shampoo: for shampoo, they are available variety product such as sea marine hair care duo, bath aquatics natural spring conditioner, sea marine revitalizing shampoo and milk shampoo.
  2. Conditioner: for conditioners such as sea plankton restructuring conditioner, milk conditioner, spa sea salt nourishing conditioner, sea marine collagen conditioner and many others.
  3. Hair accessories: for hair accessories, they are available variety product such as Tweezerman magnifying mirror with light, Marilyn teasing brush, Marilyn tuxedo pro volumizing brush and many others.

Skincare product

Shop by category provides product are comes in variety product such as skin brighteners, toners, lips, serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and makeup removers, mask and scrubs, eye care and night treatments.

  1. Skin brighteners: that is sea results overnight perfecting peel, face oasis dual-action exfoliating cleanser, aqua firm eye lift concentrate, waterwhite advance brightening hydrator cream, total source night cream, waterwhite advance brightening eye cream and many others.
  2. Toners: that is sea clear mattifying toner, sea result 3 in 1 foaming cleanser and many others.
  3. Lips: that is aquaribrium lip mender, aquallibrium cleansing face wipes, and qualibrium dual action eye makeup.
  4. Serums: that is green tea antioxidant eye serum, anti acne calming corrector, sea results eye defense fortifying serum and many others
  5. Moisturizer: that is night oasis oxygenating rejuvenator, aqualibrium lip mender, face oasis hydrating treatments, and many others.
  6. Cleanser and makeup removers: that is sea results sea mineral cleanser, aqualibrium marine cleansing gel, sea clear mattifying cleansing mousse and many others.
  7. Mask and scrubs: that is oasis men energizing facial scrub, sea pure gentle refining polish, anti-acne toning cleansing pads and many others.
  8. Eye care: that is aquafirm eye lift concentrate, green tea antioxidant eye serum and many others.
  9. Night treatments: that is nigh oasis oxygenating rejuvenator, night oasis overnight moisture lock and many others.

Bath and body products

Bath and body lotion also divided into a category such as body lotions, body scrubs, spa luxurious, body washes and many others.

  1. Body lotions: that is softening mint foot rub, milk body lotion and many others.
  2. Body scrubs: that is purnice foot scrub, spa sea marine body scrub and many others.
  3. Spa luxurious: that is spa sea salt body wash, unscented hand and nail cream and many others.
  4. Body washes: that is bath aquatics body bar, milk shower gel and many others.

That is h2o spa product if you want to know about more detail product you can visit their website to get more information about price and detail product.

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