The Best Long Curly Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Long curly wedding hairstyles can make anyone look glamorous and delicate. However, you must take note of the fact that these types of hairdos need lots of hairspray in order to resist throughout the day. So, make sure that you protect your beautiful curls by adding special hair products, such as especially when you use irons for your hair. We recommend you read the flat iron reviews in order to choose the ideal iron for your curls.

If you want to create a feminine look for a special occasion, we recommend you to opt for one of the long curly wedding hairstyles that involve showing off your length. A side swept updo is a perfect choice, because it allows you to show off the length of your hair without having to worry that your hairdo won’t stay in place, or that it will lose its shape. So, if you have medium to thick hair, we recommend you to pin up some of your curls and let the rest of them down the shoulder.

Vintage curls always have a big impact, especially if they are complemented by an appropriate makeup and dress. Therefore, you should try something different and choose these types of curls instead of the classic down and curled hair. All you have to do is lift the front of your hair at the crown, and create some finger waves and pin curls. However, if you have a low hairline or a small forehead, you must leave some bangs out.

The half up half down hairdo is one of the long curly wedding hairstyles that can flatter anyone’s figure, especially since it can be adapted to any type of face shape. You must start by backcombing your hair at the base because that way you will be able to use bobby pins easier since they will have something to grab onto. Next, you must softly curl your hair, and sweep the sides away from your face by pinning them in barrel curls at the back. Keep in mind that your curls won’t stay in place if your hair is too heavy. So, you must apply special products in order to prevent that from happening.

Furthermore, you must keep your hands off your hair, and note that wedding hairdos look best on healthy curls. Therefore, you should moisturize well in the shower so that your wavy hair can get a shiny aspect. After deep conditioning your long curls, you must distribute a large amount of smoothing cream through your hair. If you consider all these aspects, you can even opt for a simple wedding hairdo, because when you have beautiful hair, there is no need to use too many tricks to create a nice hairstyle.

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