The Medium Length Hairstyles for Long Faces Options

If you are looking for medium length hairstyles for long faces, there is one option called as the Sexy Banged Shags. This particular hairstyle will be giving its best look for oval face shape. The bangs of this hairstyle will shorten the length of oval face for a better appeal at the end. Fine or medium hair in either straight or wavy hair could be fine in wearing this hairstyle as an option.

In getting this style as one of the medium length hairstyles for long faces, you will need a styling lotion to start it up. Furthermore you will also need thickening spray, blow dryer, large round brush, texture spray, and also hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place at the end. At some points you might also use flat iron but be sure to use protective spray for the best shape of your long face medium hairstyle.

Another option of the medium length hairstyles for long faces is the Retro Pinup Bob having a cute look. You should start styling this hairstyle in damp hair that has just dried using towel. The use of styling cream is a must so that you will find easier way to style the entire hair later on. Blow dryer or flat iron will also be useful for the best look of this hairstyle along with a kind of surf spray. In finishing up this hairstyle it is recommended to use shine spray that could give additional shine to the hair.

Medium length hairstyles for long faces have several options to be chosen accordingly. Among the options are the Sexy Banged Shags and also the Retro Pinup Bob.

That ideal hairstyle is best for oval face that could eliminate the long length of the oval face itself. It is stylish and easy to take care of so that if you are among busy women this is the best choice for you. So those are a couple of options in terms of medium length hairstyles for long faces having great look.

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