Tricks for Stunning Yet Simple Wedding Hairstyles

If you are not a fan of sophisticated bridal looks, and you want to look natural on your wedding day, you should consider some simple wedding hairstyles. However, just because a hairstyle is simple, doesn’t mean that it can’t look stunning. In order to obtain a simple yet fabulous wedding hairstyle, you should check out the following tricks. They will help you achieve a perfect bridal look with minimum effort.


Whether you want a loose hairstyle, a bun or a half up half down hairstyle, you must first master the art of curls. Straight hair may look sophisticated for casual looks, but for special events such as your wedding day, curls are the best option. If you have very long hair, choose casual, thick curls. If your hair is shorter, it is best to choose thin curls. Furthermore, if you want a retro look, you might also want to consider some finger waves which are very easy to do and if you also add some shining serum, you will achieve a glamorous, Hollywood diva look.


Most wedding hairstyles feature some sort of braids. While these braids can seem very sophisticated, they are in fact very easy to do. For stylish events such as the wedding, french braids are an excellent choice as they add dimension and versatility to a hairstyle. Fishtail braids are also very popular and waterfall braids are ideal for half up half down hairstyles.

Quality products

Simple wedding hairstyles can be achieved with minimum effort, yet it is essential to use quality hair products. After all, the wedding hairstyle must look perfect all day. Use hair way for texture and definition, hairspray for fixation and shining serum for a glossy finish. If you want to achieve really cute prom hairstyles, find out what products you must use, and learn how to use them appropriately; too much or too little product can cause hairstyle disasters when you least expect them, and you wouldn’t want your special night ruined.

Practice makes perfect

The internet is full of video tutorials which make any hairstyle look simple. Nevertheless, the people who post those tutorials are professionals. You will have a hard time replicating a hairstyle from a video tutorial, even if it looks extremely simple. Before choosing one of the many simple wedding hairstyles, we advise you to try a few of them so that you can see which flatter you and which are indeed easy to do.

Hair accessories

Bridal hair accessories are a great way to turn a simple wedding hairstyle into an eye-turning hairdo. The most common bridal hair pieces are tiaras but modern brides can choose brooches or other types of accessories. As hair accessories are very sophisticated, they can even be considered jewelry pieces so it is essential for them to match the rest of the wedding jewelry.

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